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About Us

Our story begins in the year 2007 when it seemed like everyday as we read the paper or listened to the news ... another pet 
food or treat was being recalled.  

We had purchased some homemade dog biscuits at a craft show in late 2005 and our dogs just loved them.  Because this 
event is only once a year, and we didn't know how to contact the person who made them, we began trying our hand at making 
our own treats; starting out at first with just plain cookies and dog biscuits.  

The dogs liked them okay, but they didn't seem to act like they were special, and since our puppies are members of our 
family, we wanted something special for them.  So, we decided to check into hand decorating, but with no added sugars, 
colorings or preservatives, etc.

That's when we began looking for natural and healthy ingredients.  Through trial and error, we finally got the ingredients right 
and even the pickiest of our doggies, gave them their paws up approval.  Once we seen how well our pets liked these 
gourmet snacks, we felt others would too.  That's when we decided to share our homemade gourmet treats with others.   I 
have always enjoyed baking for my family members,  and there's no one more faithful and loving than our 4-legged children 
and grandchildren.

Then we set up a booth at the local Farmers Market in downtown Topeka, Kansas. The first week people who purchased were 
a little skeptical  (treats looked too fancy for dog snacks).  But when the second week rolled around, several returned saying 
their dogs now turned their noses up at the store bought biscuits, and just looked at the empty Pet-Delights bag as if to say ... 
I want the gourmet treats.  We soon became the ones to come to for homemade canine delicacies.  Since these treats were in 
such demand, they needed a name.  After some thought and because we are a female owned business and live in the Kaw 
Valley Region of Kansas, these canine delicacies became "Kaw-She Bones".

We soon had requests for cat as well.  Since our family lives in the country and does farming ... cats are a plenty.  We tried 
our cat treat recipe on four different very spoiled house cats to get a paws up approval of our treats.  

Soon after, we had requests for lightweight collars and matching leashes ... so we made a few and found out these also were 
in great demand locally.  However, several customers were interested in comfort harnesses.  So again we went back to the 
drawing board and developed our newest product which are lightweight comfort harnesses with matching leashes.  These 
have been a hot ticket item for us.  At first we thought only small dogs would benefit from these, but our customer base has let 
us know that all dogs (mini to X-Large) prefer comfort harnesses.  

All our recipes, treats and toys are our own design ideas ... Therefore, products can be adjusted and special ordered to fit 
your specific pets size or needs upon request.

We prepare all our treats, accessories and toys with the same love and attention as if making for our very own family 
members.  We know in our hearts that these special friends are not only a part of our family but give us unforgiving love, and 
therefore, deserve something homemade and special that is also good for the body and soul.

We hope with sincerity that your special canine 'friends and family members' will love them too.  If they do, we have a section 
on this site where we will have testimonials and/or pictures of our satisfied customers.

To all Pet-Lovers (and our past, present and future customers) ...  

... Thank You!!!